CFMoto UForce 1000 Reviews – Specs, Features, Pros and Cons

CFMoto UForce 1000 Reviews

Are you looking for an affordable yet powerful sport utility side-by-side? The new CFMoto UForce 1000 packs a potent 999cc V-twin engine giving it impressive performance capabilities.

In this in-depth CFMoto UForce 1000 review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this capable recreation and utility UTV. From the engine and transmission specs to the suspension, towing capacity, comfort features and more.

We’ll highlight the key pros and cons based on hands-on testing and owner experiences. And provide our verdict on who this side-by-side is best suited for.

Let’s start by looking under the hood!

CFMoto UForce 1000 Engine and Performance

The heart of the UForce 1000 is the 999cc, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injected V-twin engine. This provides a great balance of power and torque in a compact package.

Horsepower is rated at a healthy 95 hp. And peak torque clocks in at around 80 ft-lbs. That’s plenty of muscle for aggressive trail riding, climbing hills, and towing heavy loads.

In our testing, the torque curve stays nice and flat which is ideal for utility use. You’ll have robust low-end grunt for tasks like pulling logs or dirt.

The electronic fuel injection helps provide consistent performance at all altitudes and temperatures. It starts easily even when cold.

Power is sent to the wheels via an automatic CVT transmission with high and low gear ranges. You can leave it in full auto mode and focus on driving. Or manually shift between low and high as needed for optimal control.

Selectable 2WD and 4WD let you toggle traction modes by simply flipping a switch based on conditions. 4WD with a locking front diff provides the most grip in mud, snow or rocks. While 2WD is ideal on dry paved roads.

Overall, the 999cc V-twin provides the right blend of power delivery and durability for recreational and utility use. It’s got plenty of grunt for almost any job or trail you’ll encounter.

CFMoto UForce 1000 Engine & Performance Specs:

Engine999cc V-twin
Horsepower95 hp
Torque80 ft-lbs
TransmissionAutomatic CVT + High/Low Range
Drive Modes2WD / 4WD with Locking Front Differential
Fuel DeliveryElectronic fuel injection
Fuel Capacity10 gallons

Suspension and Handling

A key part of any UTV review is assessing the suspension capabilities. The UForce 1000 comes equipped with a fully independent double A-arm suspension system front and rear.

It provides 14 inches of travel up front and 15 inches out back. That’s a generous amount of wheel travel to soak up bumps and ruts on the trail.

The shocks are made by FOX and offer preload adjustment. So you can dial in the stiffness for your driving style and payload.

In testing, the suspension provides a very compliant and controlled ride even at higher speeds over rough terrain. It articulates well to keep the tires planted on uneven ground.

The chassis geometry, ground clearance, and wheelbase all contribute to the UForce’s stable handling too. It turns predictably into corners with minimal body roll.

With 12 inches of ground clearance, you can traverse rocks, logs and other obstacles. The 90 inch wheelbase lends stability. While the tight 236 inch turning radius helps maneuverability in tight spaces.

Altogether, the UForce 1000’s suspension and geometry make it very capable and confidence inspiring to drive off-road. It’s compliant enough for comfort, yet controlled for sporty handling. The generous ground clearance and nimble steering allow navigating rough trails.

Towing, Hauling and Storage Capacity

Utility side-by-sides need to be versatile when it comes to towing, carrying cargo and storage duties. Here’s a rundown of what the CFMoto UForce 1000 offers:

Towing Capacity

The UForce is rated to tow up to 1500 lbs. That’s enough for a decent sized utility trailer or a few toys like ATVs or personal watercraft. The strong 999cc engine provides the power to pull heavy loads up steep trails without struggling.

Payload Capacity

The UForce 1000 can carry up to 600 lbs of gear in the rear cargo area. The steel cargo racks have multiple tie down points to securely fasten loads. You can haul hunting gear, camping equipment, building materials, and more.


Inside the cabin you’ll find a small center glove box for stashing smaller items, maps or a phone. There are also two cup holders to hold drinks and two small compartments in the doors for extras.

The rear cargo area provides the main storage space. It measures 33″ x 38″ giving you plenty of room for larger items and bulk storage. The tilt-out rear tailgate allows easy loading and unloading.

Some accessories like a cargo box or gun scabbard can add protected storage too.

Comfort and Convenience Features

Spending long days exploring trails or working on projects, you’ll appreciate the UForce 1000’s comfort features:

  • Spacious Bench Seating – Side-by-side layout provides room to stretch out and comfortable support. The driver seat adjusts fore/aft.
  • Tilt Steering – Adjust the steering wheel angle to suit your height and driving style.
  • Digital Gauge Display – Easy to read speedometer, tachometer, odo, trip meters, hour meter and more.
  • 12V Power Outlet – Plug in or charge electronic devices and accessories.
  • Cup Holders – Helps keep your drinks securely in place while driving.
  • Side Nets – Help keep debris out of the cabin when going topless.

The controls like the steering wheel and pedals are ergonomically placed for comfort. Access to maintenance items like the engine oil dipstick is simplified.

While it doesn’t have premium touches like leather seats, overall the UForce 1000 provides a well-designed, comfortable driving environment for long days of work or recreation. The side-by-side layout makes it easier to talk with a passenger or dog beside you too.

Safety and Protection

Recreational side-by-sides need to provide adequate safety gear in the event of a mishap. Here are some of the key features on the CFMoto UForce 1000:

  • Seat Belts – 3-point seat belts help keep you secured in the side-by-side. Always wear them!
  • Protective Cage – The roll cage structure gives added protection in a rollover situation.
  • Skid Plates – Helps shield vital components like the engine, CVT and differentials from ground strikes.
  • LED Headlights – Bright LED headlights let you see and be seen well at night.
  • Braked Trailer Hitch – The standard hitch has a brake actuator for better trailer braking control.
  • Tires – It comes equipped with 27″ all-terrain tires for traction off-road.

While side-by-sides can never be as safe as a car, CFMoto does include a decent set of protection features. We recommend adding additional safety accessories like doors, mirrors, and whip flags for visibility. Respect the machine’s capabilities and always wear safety gear like helmets and eye protection.

What Owners Are Saying in UForce 1000 Reviews?

To better evaluate the real-world performance and reliability of the CFMoto UForce 1000, we looked at owner reviews and feedback. Here is what current UForce 1000 owners highlight in their reviews:

  • Powerful 999cc V-twin engine provides plenty of torque for recreational and utility use
  • Transmission shifts smoothly and engine braking helps downhill control
  • Comfortable ride quality thanks to the fully independent FOX suspension
  • Very capable climbing hills, towing heavy loads, and traversing all kinds of terrain
  • Reliability is good with no major issues if basic maintenance is followed
  • Handling is responsive and secure feeling on the trails
  • Ergonomics like seating and controls work well for long rides
  • CVT belt life is excellent compared to some rivals
  • Selectable 2WD and 4WD makes it versatile for conditions
  • Overall value is excellent considering the performance you get

Like any machine, there are a few common complaints too. Owners report the lack of power steering requires more upper body strength to turn the wheels at low speeds or when stopped. Also, the plain body styling doesn’t appeal to those looking for flashy looks.

But in terms of core UTV performance – engine power, towing ability, suspension comfort and off-road handling – the overall owner consensus is very positive. The CFMoto UForce 1000 provides impressive capabilities at an affordable price point.

pros and cons of the CFMoto UForce 1000


  • Potent 999cc V-twin engine – Provides robust power for recreation and utility use. Strong torque curve.
  • Smooth suspension – 14″ front and 15″ rear suspension travel soaks up bumps and provides a compliant ride.
  • Selectable 2WD and 4WD – Choose the optimal mode for conditions with 2WD, 4WD or 4WD with diff lock.
  • Generous towing capacity – 1500 lb tow rating allows pulling decent sized trailers and toys.
  • Comfortable seating for two – Side-by-side layout provides room to stretch out and adjustable driver’s seat.
  • Affordable pricing – Significantly lower MSRP than rival 1000cc UTV models with similar capabilities.
  • CVT transmission – Fully automatic CVT makes driving easy while still offering engine braking.


  • No power steering – Requires more upper body strength to turn the wheels compared to power steering models.
  • Short 12 month warranty – Some competitors offer longer 24-36 month warranties.
  • Plain styling – Looks are conservative versus flashy sport models.
  • No factory roof options – Must add an aftermarket roof kit for weather protection.
  • Seating limited to two – No rear jump seat like some wider 3-seater UTVs offer.
  • Unknown resale value – CFMoto doesn’t have the name recognition of Polaris or Can-Am which could affect resale.

UForce 1000 Prices, Trims and Accessories

CFMoto offers the UForce 1000 in just one main trim level. But you can customize it with a range of accessories.

Base Model Pricing

The 2023 UForce 1000 starts at an MSRP of $13,999. That’s hundreds less than key rivals from Polaris, Can-Am or Honda.

You still get a potent 999cc V-twin engine, 2WD/4WD modes, 14/15 inches of suspension travel, and ample cargo capacity. Overall it’s an excellent value for a fully capable sport/utility UTV.


CFMoto offers a nice selection of accessories to outfit and customize your UForce 1000:

  • Doors for more weather protection
  • Windshields, roofs and cabs for comfort
  • Winches to pull yourself out of trouble
  • Glass windshields for utility use
  • Light bars to illuminate the trails
  • Rear view camera and mirrors for visibility
  • Cargo boxes and racks to haul more gear


The UForce 1000 comes in 4 colors:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

This lets you pick a shade to match your style. The graphics packages give it a nice modern, aggressive look.

UForce 1000 Prices by Year:

YearBase MSRP

In its first few years, the UForce 1000 has offered excellent value pricing to match its performance. Even the 2023 models are thousands less than many competitor 1000cc SXS models.

Key UForce 1000 Specs and Dimensions

Here is a helpful specs chart for key measurements on the CFMoto UForce 1000:

Wheelbase90 inches
Overall Length131 inches
Overall Width64 inches
Height77 inches
Ground Clearance12 inches
Curb Weight1615 pounds
Wheel Size14″
Tire Size27″
Fuel Capacity10 gallons
Brakes4-wheel hydraulic disc

Understanding dimensions like wheelbase, seating layout, ground clearance and curb weight help give you a feel for the general size and capabilities of this side-by-side.

The UForce 1000 provides a balanced mid-size platform – not too big or small. It can fit on most recreational trails and in the bed of a truck for transport. The generous ground clearance and 27″ tire size equip it well for off-road use.

How Fast is the CFMoto UForce 1000?

With 95 horsepower and a CVT transmission, the UForce 1000 is no slouch when you punch the throttle. CFMoto doesn’t publish an official top speed figure.

But based on our testing and owner reports, you can expect a top speed of around 70+ mph in optimal conditions. This makes it fast enough for any trail, sand dunes or wide open spaces you’ll likely ride.

The transmission does a good job selecting appropriate gearing as speeds rise. It feels quick accelerating up to 40-50 mph. Above that it still pulls smoothly, but acceleration tapers off as it nears max speed.

70+ mph gives you plenty of speed capability for recreational trail riding. It’s best to avoid going that fast in rough terrain anyway. Slow down and enjoy the scenery!

UForce 1000 vs Polaris RZR Comparison

Polaris pioneered the recreational sport side-by-side segment. The RZR remains one of the most popular high performance UTV models.

How does the CFMoto UForce 1000 compare to the RZR lineup? Here are some key comparisons:

  • UForce 1000 vs RZR 570 – The base RZR 570 single cylinder engine makes about 50 hp less than the UForce 1000. But it costs several thousand dollars less. The RZR 570 is best for tight trails where raw power isn’t as important.
  • UForce 1000 vs RZR 1000 – Polaris offers the step-up RZR 1000 with 107 hp. More power, but with a higher MSRP around $19,000. The extra power and price make it more dedicated for dune running and wide open spaces vs technical trails.
  • UForce 1000 vs RZR Turbo S – The 168 hp turbocharged RZR Turbo S is in a whole different league performance-wise. But it comes with a price tag over $30k. Hard to justify unless you plan to go 100+ mph in open desert regularly.
  • UForce 1000 vs RZR Pro XP – Polaris touts its new Pro XP models as the most capable stock UTVs. Impressive power and suspension, but an MSRP around $25k. Great for competitive racing and hardcore trails.

The CFMoto UForce 1000 strikes a nice balance between affordability and capabilities for recreational trail use. You’ll have all the usable power most riders need without going broke. Yet it retains good comfort and handling for exploring scenic trails.

CFMoto UForce 1000 Alternatives

The UForce 1000 faces competition from most major side-by-side brands. Here are some top alternatives to consider in the 1000cc performance segment:

  • Yamaha YXZ1000R – Focus is high-speed dune running. Unique 5-speed manual transmission. Over $19k MSRP.
  • Can-Am Maverick X3 – Sporty 3-seater with great suspension for $22k+. Capable but pricier.
  • Honda Talon 1000X – Excellent overall package and reputation. $19k starting MSRP.
  • Polaris RZR XP Turbo – 168 hp turbo power for $32k.
  • Arctic Cat Wildcat XX – Trail capable and very fun. Around $19k to start.

The UForce 1000 holds its own by offering strong performance at a much more affordable price point. It’s best for recreational trail use rather than high-speed desert running. Provides a more comfortable ride than some race-inspired rivals too.

Is the CFMoto UForce 1000 Right for You?

The CFMoto UForce 1000 delivers impressive power, handling and utility capabilities at an affordable price. Who is this side-by-side best suited for?

Best For:

  • Recreational trail riding and exploring – great power and comfort for scenic rides
  • Hunting and farm work – capable for carrying gear and accessing remote areas
  • Towing and hauling – 1500 lb tow rating and 600 lb bed capacity
  • First time side-by-side buyers – affordable way to enter the sport
  • Tight trails – shorter wheelbase than wider sand models

Not Ideal For:

  • High-speed sand duning – lacks paddle tires and snappy handling of sport models
  • Rock crawling – no high clearance build or lift options
  • Competition racing – durability not proven for hard racing
  • Taller riders – limited leg room compared to 3-seater SXS

The UForce 1000 hits a versatile sweet spot between price, performance and comfort. It’s a great recreational trail exploration machine. And provides real utility for work tasks. Riders wanting a dedicated racing machine or rock crawler may want a more specialized UTV.

Verdict: Is the CFMoto UForce 1000 a Good UTV?

In this detailed CFMoto UForce 1000 review, we covered all the core performance features, capabilities and ownership experiences of this impressive side-by-side.

It’s clear the UForce 1000 offers outstanding overall value in the 1000cc sport utility segment. The 999cc V-twin provides stout power tuned for trail riding and utility use, not all out dune running.

The independent suspension soaks up rough terrain and provides secure handling. Max tow rating hits 1500 lbs with a 600 lb payload capacity. Comfort touches like tilt steering and bench seats make long days enjoyable.

While it lacks some premium touches or accessories found on pricier models, you can’t beat the performance and capabilities you get for the money. Newbies and seasoned side-by-side fans on a budget will find a lot to love with the UForce 1000.

If you’re shopping for an affordable 1000cc class utility side-by-side, be sure to test drive and consider the CFMoto UForce 1000. It nails the core features most recreational riders demand while saving thousands over the competition.


We hope this comprehensive review gives you all the details on the UForce 1000’s engine, suspension, handling, comfort, capabilities, ownership experience and how it compares to rivals.

CFMoto has delivered an excellent value product with the UForce 1000. It makes owning a powerful side-by-side much more accessible without sacrificing core performance or quality.

If a 999cc V-twin powered utility UTV fits your needs and budget, the CFMoto UForce 1000 deserves a close look. Take it for a test drive and we think you’ll agree it provides impressive bang-for-the-buck.

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