CF Moto UTV Review: Top Speed, Specs & Price 2024

CF Moto UTV Review

Are you considering a CF Moto UTV for your next off-road toy or utility vehicle? CF Moto may not be as well known as brands like Polaris or Can-Am, but this Chinese company has been making serious strides in the UTV market in recent years.

In this detailed CF Moto UTV review, we’ll take an in-depth look at popular CF Moto models, covering top speed, horsepower, dimensions, seating capacity, pricing, and more. You’ll get the key specs and features to help decide if a CF Moto UTV is right for you.

We’ll also provide pros and cons based on expert and owner reviews, so you can weigh the benefits against any potential downsides. Read on for the complete CF Moto UTV review!

Overview Of CF Moto UTVs

CF Moto is a Chinese manufacturer that has been around since 1989 but is still fairly new to the North American UTV market. They offer sport and utility UTV models ranging from 400cc to 1000cc engines.

Some of their most popular UTVs include:

  • CF Moto ZForce 1000
  • CF Moto ZForce 950 Sport
  • CF Moto ZForce 800 EX
  • CF Moto ZForce 500

CF Moto UTVs are generally designed with recreation and sport in mind, but can also be used for utility purposes like farming or property maintenance. They aim to deliver good performance and features at a more budget-friendly price point compared to brands like Polaris RZR.

Below we’ll take a closer look at CF Moto’s two flagship UTV models – the ZForce 1000 and ZForce 950 Sport.

CF Moto ZForce 1000 Review

The CF Moto ZForce 1000 is the brand’s high performance flagship model, designed to compete with models like the Polaris RZR XP Turbo. It’s packed with power, suspension, and amenities to provide an exhilarating riding experience.

ZForce 1000 Top Speed & Acceleration

With its muscular 963cc V-Twin engine, the ZForce 1000 tops out at a blistering 75 mph top speed. This makes it one of the fastest UTVs in its class.

It can rocket from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds thanks to 110 horsepower and 88 ft-lbs of torque. The speed and acceleration provide a thrilling ride whether blasting through the dunes or trails.

ZForce 1000 Engine & Transmission

Under the hood lies a 963cc, 8-valve, liquid-cooled V-Twin engine mated to an automatic CVT transmission with engine braking.

Theelectronic fuel injection helps provide smooth and reliable power delivery even at high elevations or in cold weather. A large resonator intake ups torque while reducing noise.

ZForce 1000 Dimensions & Capacity

The ZForce 1000 has room for two occupants in its contoured bucket seats. Here are the key dimensions and capacities:

Wheelbase90 in
Overall Length154 in
Overall Width64 in
Ground Clearance15 in
Seating Capacity2 occupants
Cargo Box Capacity300 lb / 7.7 cu ft
Towing Capacity1,500 lb
Curb Weight1,954 lb
Fuel Capacity10 gallons

With 15 inches of ground clearance, the ZForce can clear rocks, logs, and uneven terrain. The 300 lb cargo box provides ample room to haul gear while the 1,500 lb towing capacity lets you bring a trailer.

ZForce 1000 Suspension & Handling

The ZForce 1000 uses a double wishbone suspension design with preload adjustable FOX 2.5 PODIUM RC2 Piggyback shocks. This provides a smooth ride and great handling over rough terrain.

It has 14 inches of suspension travel in the front and rear. Beefy 30 inch Maxxis Carnivore tires mounted on 15 inch wheels help absorb bumps and provide traction off-road.

Electric power steering makes handling easy while high clearance helps overcome obstacles like rocks or logs. The 4-wheel disc brakes with dual-piston calipers provide strong stopping power.

ZForce 1000 Features & Accessories

CF Moto loaded the ZForce 1000 with features to maximize comfort, convenience, and control:

  • 3-Mode EPS: Electronic power steering with settings for Easy, Normal, and Sport
  • 4WD: On-demand true 4 wheel drive with turf mode
  • LED Headlights: With accent lights for style
  • 7 inch LCD Display: Shows speed, RPM, diagnostics, clock
  • ** Bluetooth Connectivity:** For music and hands-free calling
  • Winch: 3000 lb winch to get yourself out of trouble
  • Roof: Standard roof for protection from the elements
  • Tilt Steering: Adjust steering wheel angle for comfort
  • Aluminum Skid Plates: For underside protection from rocks and debris
  • Tow Hitch: Standard 2 inch receiver for towing trailers

Popular accessories include windshields, roof panels, doors, audio systems, and LED light bars to customize it to your needs.

ZForce 1000 Pricing

The CF Moto ZForce 1000 starts at an MSRP of $15,999. With its high performance, quality components, and extensive features it provides good value compared to models like the Polaris RZR Turbo at over $20k.

Real world pricing averages around $16,500 – $17,500 before any additional dealer discounts depending on your location and the accessories included.

CF Moto ZForce 950 Sport Review

The CF Moto ZForce 950 Sport is a nimble, sport-focused UTV designed for high-speed recreation and dune running.

ZForce 950 Top Speed & Acceleration

The ZForce 950 Sport, powered by a 963cc V-Twin engine, reaches a max speed of 70 mph, making it one of the fastest sport UTVs. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.9 seconds, thanks to its 90 horsepower and 62 ft-lbs of torque.

ZForce 950 Engine & Transmission

The ZForce 950 Sport houses a 963cc, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injected V-Twin engine that provides powerful and reliable performance. The engine uses a dual overhead cam design (DOHC) with four valves per cylinder. Power is routed through an automatic CVT transmission with reverse.

ZForce 950 Dimensions & Capacity

With its narrow 64-inch width, the ZForce 950 Sport maintains agile handling. Here are the key specs:

  • Wheelbase: 87 in
  • Overall Length: 134 in
  • Overall Width: 64 in
  • Ground Clearance: 12.2 in
  • Seating Capacity: 2 occupants
  • Cargo Box Capacity: 300 lb / 10.6 cu ft
  • Curb Weight: Not specified
  • Fuel Capacity: 9 gallons

ZForce 950 Suspension & Handling

The ZForce 950 uses a double A-arm suspension design with fully adjustable FOX 2.5 PODIUM RC2 Piggyback shocks, providing 11 inches of suspension travel in the front and 11.8 inches in the rear.

ZForce 950 Features & Accessories

The ZForce 950 comes well equipped for the dunes and trails:

  • Sport Roof: Provides shade and protection from sun or rain
  • 4-Point Harnesses: Secure you in place during aggressive riding
  • LED Headlights: Bright LEDs for night riding visibility
  • 4WD: On-demand 4 wheel drive with diff lock
  • EPS: Electric power steering for easy low-speed maneuvering
  • 7 inch Display: Digital display shows speed, RPM, etc.
  • Rear Storage: 18 gallons of sealed underseat storage

ZForce 950 Pricing

The ZForce 950 Sport starts at an MSRP of $13,999, making it a nicely priced high-performance sport UTV. Average pricing runs from $14,000 – $15,500 depending on location and installed accessories.

Other CF Moto UTV Models

In addition to their flagship ZForce 1000 and ZForce 950 Sport models, CF Moto produces several other sport and utility focused UTVs:

CFMoto ZForce 800 EX Sport:

  • Top Speed: 62 mph
  • Engine: 799cc, 75 HP twin cylinder engine
  • Suspension: Fox 2.0 PODIUM shocks
  • MSRP: $11,999

CFMoto ZForce 500:

  • Engine: 495cc single cylinder engine, 38 HP
  • Top Speed: Not specified
  • Suspension: Double A-arm suspension
  • MSRP: $6,999

CFMoto CForce 400:

  • Top Speed: Not specified
  • Engine: 400cc single cylinder, 31 HP
  • Suspension: MacPherson strut front suspension
  • MSRP: $5,799

While the ZForce 1000 and 950 are focused more on recreation, the 800, 500, and 400 models can serve well for utility use around a property or farm. Their smaller utility beds easily haul tools, brush, or other cargo.

CF Moto UTV Pros & Cons

Based on expert reviews and owner feedback, here are the pros and cons of CF Moto UTVs:

CF Moto UTV Pros

  • Performance: Strong acceleration and high top speeds for thrilling riding
  • Suspension: Dialed-in suspension soaks up rough terrain
  • Comfort: Ergonomic seats and cabins keep you comfortable on long rides
  • Value: More affordable pricing vs big name competitors
  • Features: Packed with amenities like EPS, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Customization: Huge aftermarket for accessories

CF Moto UTV Cons

  • Reliability: Some concerns with mechanical reliability compared to Japanese brands
  • Dealer Network: Limited dealer network makes service harder in some regions
  • Resale Value: Doesn’t hold value as well as Polaris or Can-Am
  • Fit & Finish: Some owners report minor fitment issues
  • Noise: Cabins can be noisy at high speeds

Conclusion: Should You Buy A CF Moto UTV?

CF Moto brings performance, amenities, and aggressive pricing to the UTV market. Models like the ZForce 1000 and ZForce 950 Sport compete with top dogs like Polaris thanks to exhilarating speed, plush suspension, and loaded features.

While reliability and resale value may not match more established Japanese brands, the vast majority of owners are extremely satisfied with their CF Moto purchase. For budget-conscious buyers wanting a fast, fully-featured UTV, CF Moto delivers a lot of bang for the buck.

So if you’re searching for a sporty, high-speed UTV at an attractive price, CF Moto models like the ZForce 1000 and ZForce 950 deserve strong consideration. Just be aware of the potential tradeoffs in long-term reliability and dealer support compared to paying more for a major brand like Polaris or Can-Am.

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