CFMoto Side by Side Reviews – Top Models for 2024

CFMoto Side by Side Reviews

If you’re looking for a hard-working and fun-loving side by side UTV, CFMoto’s lineup offers some great options to consider. In this in-depth guide, we’ll be reviewing all of CFMoto’s top side by side models to help you decide which is the best fit for your needs and budget.

We’ll cover specs, features, pros, cons, pricing, performance, and owner experiences for the UForce 1000, ZForce 1000, CForce 1000, UForce 600, and CForce 600. Whether you need a recreational sport UTV, utility workhorse, or midsize value UTV, this CFMoto side by side review will compare the differences so you can make an informed decision for 2024 and beyond.

Overview of CFMoto Side by Side Models

CFMoto is a Chinese manufacturer that has been making ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles for over 30 years. While not as well known as brands like Polaris or Can-Am in North America, their side by sides offer a lot of value and capability at more budget-friendly prices.

Here is a look at the key models we’ll be covering in this side by side review:

  • CFMoto UForce 1000 – The flagship recreational UTV designed for trail riding and exploration.
  • CFMoto ZForce 1000 – A sporty recreational UTV built more for high performance than utility use.
  • CFMoto CForce 1000 – The large utility UTV workhorse with excellent towing capacity and cargo hauling.
  • CFMoto UForce 600 – A newer midsize entry designed for recreational riding.
  • CFMoto CForce 600 – The compact utility UTV best suited for farms, hunting, and tight work sites.

Within their lineup, CFMoto has options spanning the recreational, sport, and utility UTV categories. The 1000 class models have powerful 998cc V-twin engines putting out 110 HP, while the 600 class UTVs utilize 580cc V-twin engines.

Now let’s take a deeper look at each of these top side by side models from CFMoto. We’ll cover the key specs, features, pros and cons, pricing, performance and capabilities so you know which is the best CFMoto for your needs.

CFMoto UForce 1000 Review

The CFMoto UForce 1000 is the brand’s flagship side by side that competes with other large recreational UTVs like the Polaris RZR XP 1000. It’s built to deliver comfort, trail exploring capability, and accessories customization for your off-road adventures.

UForce 1000 Specs And Features

This high performance side by side comes loaded with some robust specs:

  • Engine – 963cc V-twin, liquid cooled, fuel injected
  • Horsepower – 79 HP
  • Torque – 74 ft-lb
  • Transmission – CVT
  • Drive System – True On-Demand AWD/2WD
  • Ground Clearance – 12 inches
  • Towing Capacity – 2000 lbs
  • Bed Capacity – 1000 lbs
  • Seating – 2 or 4 seats
  • Wheelbase – 90 inches
  • Weight – 1630 lbs
  • Fuel Tank – 10 gallons

In terms of features, the UForce 1000 includes:

  • High/low beam LED headlights
  • 7 inch LCD digital gauge cluster
  • Rollover protection bars
  • Sport tuned suspension
  • 2000 lb winch
  • Rear dump bed to haul cargo
  • 25 inch DOT tires
  • Aluminum alloy wheels
  • Full doors with sliding glass

It’s built with comfort and capability in mind whether you’re trail riding, camping, hunting, or exploring the great outdoors. The large displacement V-twin engine provides plenty of power even when loaded down or climbing hills.

UForce 1000 Pros

There are many things to like about the recreational-focused UForce 1000:

  • Powerful engine – The V-twin has excellent power and torque for conquering tough terrain or trails. Accelerates well and feels nimble at higher speeds.
  • Smooth and comfortable ride – Plush suspension soaks up bumps nicely when trail riding. Cabin is quiet and comfortable for longer rides.
  • Highly customizable – Tons of accessories like roofs, windshields, bumpers, lights etc allow you to set it up for your needs.
  • Safety features – Standard doors, seat belts, roll bars, and nets provide good security.
  • Nice digital gauge cluster – Provides ride info including speed, RPM, temp, fuel level, hours, and more. Backlit for night visibility.
  • Great for exploring – With not specified gallons of fuel capacity and room for gear/accessories, it’s ideal for trail riding trips and outdoor adventures.

The UForce 1000 is purpose-built as a recreational UTV and these qualities make it excel as an exploring/trail riding machine. The engine delivers powerful performance while the plush suspension provides a compliant ride. Owners also love the customization thanks to CFMoto’s large accessory catalog.

UForce 1000 Cons

While there’s a lot to like about this side by side, it’s not perfect. Some drawbacks to note include:

  • No power steering – It can take some extra effort and strength to turn the wheels at low speeds or standstill compared to models with power steering.
  • Tight rear seats – The rear seats and leg room is a little tight if carrying full size adults in the back. Good for kids.
  • Premium pricing – It’s not as expensive as Can-Am or Polaris models, but the UForce 1000 still commands a premium price tag.

Overall the cons are minor and won’t be an issue for many UTV owners. The lack of power steering only requires a bit more strength from the driver. Also the tighter rear seats are offset by an extremely comfortable and spacious front cabin.

UForce 1000 Performance And Capability

A big reason to consider the UForce 1000 is its strong engine performance matched to trail-ready suspension and handling. Here are some key details on its capabilities:

  • Engine – The 963cc V-twin puts out a stout 79 horsepower. This gives it excellent acceleration and torque for conquering trails.
  • Top speed is limited to 63 mph from the factory, but can exceed 70+ mph with modifications.
  • The engine has plenty of low-end grunt for crawling over rocks or powering up steep inclines.
  • Ground Clearance – 15 inches lets you clear obstacles on the trail without getting hung up.
  • FOX Performance Series shocks offer a smooth ride while limiting body roll around corners.
  • Towing Capacity – 2000 lb lets you pull a full size trailer or camper with ease1.
  • The True On-Demand AWD system utilizes a viscous coupler to seamlessly transfer power to the rear wheels. This provides excellent traction off-road without compromising handling.
  • Large front disc and rear hydraulic brakes supply good stopping power from the speeds this machine can achieve.

While not the absolute highest performing UTV, the UForce delivers impressive capability that is more than adequate for recreational trail use and technical terrain. The suspension provides a plush ride while the engine dishes out strong acceleration when you need it. It’s a very well-rounded package.

UForce 1000 Prices And Value

CFMoto’s UTVs are generally priced below bigger name brands like Polaris, Can-Am, or Honda. Here is a look at UForce 1000 pricing:

  • MSRP starts around $12,999 for the base model as of 2023. This has 2 seats and basic equipment.
  • To upgrade to the 4 seat LE model with some extras like a roof, the MSRP is not specified.
  • Real world prices are often $1000-$2000 less than MSRP at local dealers.
  • Used UForce 1000 models can be found for $12,000 to $15,000 depending on the year, miles, and condition.

While not the cheapest side by side you can buy, it offers strong value by delivering capabilities on par with more expensive models for thousands less. The pricing undercuts the Polaris RZR XP 1000 which starts around $22,000. You still get Fox shocks, big power, ample accessories, and excellent reliability.

Based on its performance, comfort, customization, and price point the UForce 1000 is one of the best values on the recreational UTV market. It’s the most popular model from CFMoto for a reason.

What Owners Are Saying

To get a better sense of real world experiences, here is what UForce 1000 owners are saying based on reviews, forums, and feedback:

“I use my CFMoto for trail and dune riding in Glamis and it has been fantastic. Never gets stuck and has plenty of power hitting the whoops and dunes at speed. Very reliable so far.”

“It’s not as plush or refined as a RZR XP, but for the price I paid I really can’t complain. Thing rips on the trails, tons of accessories, and Fox shocks keep it comfy for all day riding.”

“I tow my UForce behind my RV and take it out exploring wherever we go. Always turns heads on the trail since you don’t see many. No issues towing and very dependable.”

“Fit and finish isn’t on par with Polaris but you wouldn’t expect it to be at this price point. I use mine for camping and general trail recreation and it handles everything I throw at it.”

The consensus among owners seems to be that the UForce delivers fantastic recreational capability that rivals more expensive options. The performance punches above its weight class while providing loads of customization. Some minor gripes around fit/finish compared to premium brands like Polaris or Can-Am. But owners say the value more than makes up for it.

Common Issues and Problems

While CFMoto side by sides are generally reliable, a few common issues have been reported by UForce 1000 owners:

  • CVT belt failures – Premature wear or failure of the CVT belt has been reported in some cases. Replacing with a high quality aftermarket belt often prevents reoccurrence.
  • Rod bearing failures – There are a few reported cases of rod bearing failure often preceded by engine oil starvation. This can require a full engine rebuild. Proper oil changes are critical.
  • Electrical gremlins – Some owners have experienced intermittent electrical issues related to wiring harness damage or loose connections.
  • Clutch noise – The clutch can make chattering noises, especially when cold. Adjusting clutch engagement settings often quiets this down.
  • Rear axle leaks – Fluid leaks from the rear differential and axles seals are not uncommon after hard use. Resealing may be required.

Most issues are repairable and CFMoto’s parts availability and support continues to improve. Many owners praise the reliability of their UForce 1000 with proper care and maintenance. But it is wise to be aware of potential problem areas that could crop up.

Is the CFMoto UForce 1000 a Good Buy?

When weighing all of the pros, cons, pricing, performance, and owner feedback – the UForce 1000 stands out as an exceptional recreational side by side at its price point.

You get excellent power, comfort, capability, and customization that rivals the top brands. All without the premium price tags. Factor in CFMoto’s lengthy 5 year limited warranty and the value is hard to beat.

Just align your expectations fairly – this isn’t a premium Polaris RZR offering the absolute best fit and finish. But nothing touches the UForce 1000 in terms of overall value and capability under $20,000. If you want an affordable but highly capable trail exploring side by side, it is a fantastic option that owners love.

CFMoto ZForce 1000 Review

Shifting from recreation to sport riding, the CFMoto ZForce 1000 is built for dune domination and high performance rather than utility use. Think of it occupying a niche similar to the Can-Am Maverick X3 or Polaris RZR Turbo S.

ZForce 1000 Specs And Features

CFMoto packs this sporty side by side with robust performance:

  • Engine – 998cc V-twin, 80 HP
  • Torque – 78N.m/70000rpm
  • Transmission – Quick Response CVT
  • Drive System – On-Demand True AWD
  • Ground Clearance – 15 inches
  • Suspension Travel – 20 inches front/22 rear
  • Shocks – FOX 2.5 PODIUM RC2 piggyback
  • Towing Capacity – 1300 pounds
  • Dry Weight – 1345 pounds
  • Wheelbase – 90 inches
  • Fuel Capacity – 10 gallons

Features focused on performance include:

  • Sport tuned suspension with long travel FOX piggyback shocks
  • Specially designed heavy duty dune/trail ready tires
  • Belt intake and CVT inlet cooling ducts
  • High airflow radiator with fan
  • HMWPE skid plate underbody protection
  • 4-point harness seat belts
  • 7 inch LCD digital gauge cluster
  • LED accent lighting

This machine brings serious performance for recreational dune running and trail use where utility takes a back seat. The Fox RC2 shocks, big power from the 999cc V-twin, and capable suspension geometry make it ready for action.

ZForce 1000 Pros

The ZForce 1000 is purpose-built for sport performance instead of work capability:

  • Excellent power – The 80 HP V-twin provides potent acceleration and torque perfect for dunes, desert running, or trails.
  • Superb handling – Long travel suspension and FOX shocks carve up corners and soak up rough terrain. Designed for high speed recreation and whoops.
  • Tuned for recreation – Cooling ducts, radiator, piggyback shocks, etc are optimized for hard recreational use, not utility.
  • Lightweight agility – At under 1345 pounds wet, the ZForce still feels nimble and fast.
  • Dune/trail tires – ITP Hurricane X2 tires provide traction in sandy dunes or on trails.
  • Sporty protection – Bolstered seats, 4-point harnesses and HMWPE skid plates protect occupants while riding aggressively.
  • Excellent reliability – The 999cc V-twin is proven to be extremely reliable and robust.

The ZForce 1000 gives you superb performance and fun without compromise – exactly what recreational sport side by side enthusiasts are after. It’s built for action.

ZForce 1000 Cons

The trade-off for that high performance tuning is less utility capability:

  • No cargo box/dump bed – It lacks any cargo or dump bed which limits utility use for hauling or work use.
  • Less comfortable – Stiffer suspension and less cushioned seats prioritize control over comfort. Rougher ride over longer distances.
  • Greater expense – With a starting MSRP over $15,000, it costs considerably more than the UForce models.
  • Not street legal – Like most side by sides the ZForce can only be used off-road.

This machine clearly gives up utility and worksite capabilities to excel at recreational riding. The passenger accommodations are also less plush. But this aligns with its intended niche as a high performance sport UTV.

ZForce 1000 Performance And Speed

With its high output V-twin engine, tuned suspension, and focus on lightweight performance, the ZForce 1000’s capabilities impress:

  • The 999cc engine churns out 80 HP and 78N.m/70000rpm torque, giving blistering acceleration and power delivery.
  • It can hit a top speed around 80 MPH in stock form. Fast enough to handle wide open dunes and trails with gusto.
  • Revised CVT tuning enables quick throttle response and rapid engagement of the clutch.
  • FOX RC2 piggyback shocks provide over 20 inches of suspension travel front and rear. This allows it to blast through whoops, land huge jumps, and conquer rough terrain at speed.
  • Strong engine braking control and large diameter disc brakes provide good stopping power.
  • The On-Demand AWD system maintains excellent traction during hard launches and acceleration.
  • Designed for high airflow into the engine bay and CVT to reduce heat buildup during hard use.

The ZForce 1000 gives you supercar levels of performance not found on many utility side by sides. Dune riders, drag racers, and high speed trail enthusiasts will love its potent acceleration and smooth suspension. It’s arguably the highest performing sport recreational UTV that CFMoto makes.

ZForce 1000 Prices

As a high performance model built for recreation, the ZForce 1000 demands a premium price:

  • MSRP starts around $15,000 for the base model as of 2023.
  • Most dealers sell below MSRP closer to $18,500 – $19,500 depending on promotions and availability.
  • Expect to pay $2500 to $4000 more than the base model UForce 1000.
  • Used prices are difficult to find since it’s a newer model. Expect to pay above $16,000 for a low mileage used ZForce.

While not cheap, when you consider its performance capabilities the ZForce 1000 offers strong value against the $30K+ Can-Am X3 models with similar performance levels. Yet you still get superb Fox suspension, rapid acceleration, excellent reliability and CFMoto’s 5 year warranty.

What Owners Are Saying?

Here’s a sample of owner feedback after riding the ZForce 1000:

  • “This thing rips! Took it to Glamis last week and it was hands down the fastest UTV in the dunes. Fox shocks take the whoops and jumps in stride. Couldn’t be happier.”
  • “Accuracy and agility is amazing on trails. High speed stability impresses me the most. It just goes exactly where you point it.”
  • “I mostly ride fast trails and the ZForce is so composed at speed. Plenty of power on tap. My friend’s RZR can’t keep up!”
  • “Fit and finish doesn’t match what I’m used to with Polaris but for these power levels at this price I can overlook it. The performance exceeds my expectations.”
  • “Ride comfort suffers a bit compared to the UForce models but that’s expected. The suspension and stability during hard riding is stellar.”

Owners agree that the ZForce 1000 delivers extremely high levels of performance, speed, and handling for aggressive recreational trails and dunes. It exceeds expectations in terms of power and suspension performance at its price point. Comfort and utility take a backseat to speed and thrills.

Common Issues

Overall, the ZForce 1000 has proven to be reliable during its first years on the market. However, a couple of issues have cropped up:

  • Overheating – Without proper cooling ducts in place, hard use can cause engine overheating issues in hot conditions. Ensuring ducts are connected properly prevents this.
  • CVT belt failures – High output levels combined with clutch tuning can lead to premature belt wear in some cases. Replacing with better quality/stiffer belts often resolves it.
  • Fuel pump failures – There are a few reports of fuel pump failures causing stalling or no start conditions. Replacing the pump resolves it.
  • Shocks leaking – As expected for performance shocks under hard use, some owners have had to rebuild or reseal leaking FOX RC2 shocks.

But issues seem limited especially compared to some other sport UTV models on the market. With good maintenance and care, the ZForce 1000 holds up well to aggressive use.

Is The CFMoto ZForce 1000 Worth It?

If you enjoy aggressive dune running, high speed desert racing, or want a sport UTV to conquer trails – the ZForce 1000 is extremely appealing. It provides supercar levels of performance and thrills without the premium price tag.

The acceleration, suspension capability, and handling exceed most owners’ expectations. Fit and finish may not be on par with Polaris RZRs, but you’d be hard pressed to find another UTV with 80 HP delivering this performance envelope under $15,000. It’s a veritable thrill machine.

CFMoto CForce 1000 Review

Shifting gears from recreation to utility work, the Cforce 1000 is designed for hauling, towing, and farm/ranch use. Think of it as a side by side workhorse.

CForce 1000 Specs And Features

While using the same 999cc engine, the Cforce 1000 prioritizes capability over speed:

  • Engine – 963cc V-twin, 79 HP
  • Torque – 60 ft-lbs
  • Transmission – CVT
  • Drive System – On-Demand 4WD
  • Towing Capacity – 1700 lbs
  • Payload Capacity – 926 lbs
  • Ground Clearance – 11 inches
  • Bed Dump Height – 76 inches
  • Bed Capacity – 1000 lbs
  • Wheelbase – 115 inches
  • Wet Weight – 999 lbs

Key utility focused features include:

  • Heavy duty steel tube cargo racks around bed
  • Lock & Ride dump bed to haul and dump material
  • 2000 lb winch for recovery when stuck
  • TOUGH TORQ bolt-on front and rear bumpers
  • Steel front and rear hitch receivers for towing
  • 25 inch CARLISLE utility tires
  • LED headlights and taillights

This configuration is optimized for farm work, agriculture, hunting and worksites where hauling and towing take priority over recreation. The frame and components emphasize durability over speed or plushness.

CForce 1000 Pros

Owners praise it Cforce 1000’s utility strengths:

  • Tough and durable – Steel racks, bumpers and thick composite bed material withstand heavy use and abuse.
  • Massive bed capacity – 1000 lb bed capacity lets you pile in tools, logs, feed bags, whatever the job demands.
  • Excellent towing – 1700 lb tow rating allows you to pull livestock trailers, equipment, small tractors, etc with ease.
  • Worksite ready – Steel bumpers, hitches, and winch provide utility focused capability.
  • Spacious cab – Wide chassis offers roomy interior space for driver and passenger comfort.
  • Highly customizable – CFMoto accessories like doors, roofs, windshields, etc allow you to customize it.
  • Fuel efficient V-twin – Strong low end torque without guzzling gas during long work days.

Whether you need raw utility capability or versatility for projects, the CForce delivers. It has the strength, capacity, and features to take on tough jobs while providing comfort.

CForce 1000 Cons

The focus on work capability does have some tradeoffs:

  • Rougher ride – Tuned for hauling not comfort, the ride quality is stiffer and bumpier than recreational models. Not fun for trail exploring.
  • Less performance – Acceleration and top speed are limited compared to sportier models to favor utility use.
  • Basic standard features – You don’t get extras like power steering, premium sounds systems, or soft doors standard. These add cost.
  • Lower ground clearance – At 11 inches it doesn’t clear obstacles quite as well as the UForce or ZForce models.

It’s best to consider these factors when deciding between recreational and utility side by sides. The CForce 1000 prioritizes capability over plushness or speed. But that makes it excel as a rugged workhorse.

CFMoto CForce 1000 Performance And Capability

Even though it’s built for work, the CForce 1000 still packs decent performance from its V-twin:

  • It shares the same 79 HP 963cc engine as the recreational models, providing strong torque for towing or hauling heavy loads.
  • Top speed is electronically limited to 50 mph from the factory, but can exceed 60 mph with clutch tuning.
  • Rubber engine and CVT mounts isolate vibration from the chassis when working or hauling.
  • With limited slip front differential and Turf mode, it provides great traction on loose dirt or mud when overloaded.
  • The dump bed can be raised to over 7 feet so you can empty material into the bed of even high-sided pickup trucks.
  • The winch provides up to 2000 lbs of pulling capacity, helpful for vehicle recovery when stuck.
  • Double wishbone rear suspension keeps the rear axle aligned when loaded down or articulating over uneven terrain.

The Cforce emphasizes low end grunt over high speed power. But make no mistake – it still packs decent acceleration when you need it thanks to that stout V-twin. Just don’t expect dune racing performance.

CFMoto CForce 1000 Prices

As a high capability utility side by side, the CForce 1000 is priced very competitively:

  • MSRP starts around $15,999 for the base model as of 2023.
  • Typical dealer prices are $14,000 – $15,000 depending on promotions and availability.
  • Used CForce models can be found for $10,000 to $13,000 depending on model year and condition.

This actually costs several thousand less than CFMoto’s recreational UForce 1000 model. You get outstanding utility capability and performance at a working man’s price point. It even undercuts the prices of many mid-size utility UTVs while delivering 1000cc power.

What Owners Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of feedback from CForce 1000 owners:

  • “This is my workhorse around the farm. Use it daily for hauling tools, fencing supplies, bales of hay, you name it. Very tough – it just keeps going.”
  • “I added some toys like a winch and roof to mine but man it’s capable. 2000 lb tow rating pulls my equipment trailer with zero issues.”
  • “Comfortably cruises around my property at 45 mph but still has the torque I need for heavy loads.”
  • “Great value side by side. Not as refined as John Deere but way more affordable and just as capable. Bench seat is comfy during long days.”
  • “Ride is a bit stiff but that’s expected for a utility machine. Does great creeping around my hunting lease, brush hogging, hauling deer, pulling my Polaris Ranger out of mud holes, you name it.”

Owners find the CForce 1000 strikes a great balance of utility strength, performance, comfort and value. It may not be cushy or refined, but it has the muscle and capability to take on real work at a fair price.

Common Issues

While generally reliable, a couple problem areas have popped up for the CForce 1000:

  • CVT belt failures – Aggressive use while towing or hauling heavy loads can overtax the CVT belt, causing premature wear or failure. Upgrading the belt prevents recurrence.
  • Rear axle leaks – Rear axle seals and plugs are prone to leaking after heavy use. Resealing the rear end prevents oil loss.
  • Electrical shorts – Water/mud ingress can cause shorts in some wiring connections. Dielectric grease and sealing connections helps prevent issues.
  • Fuel pump failures – There are scattered reports of low pressure fuel pump failures causing hard starting or stalling issues. Replacement restores normal operation.

Considering the working life most CForces live, they hold up very well overall. Keeping on top of maintenance and addressing any leaks early minimizes headaches. It’s built to withstand hard use.

Is The CFMoto CForce Right For You?

If you need an affordable but highly capable utility side by side, the CForce 1000 is a top choice on the market. It offers robust construction, immense strength, and big power perfect for ranch work, farms, hunting leases, or commercial jobsites. Yet it costs thousands less than competitive models from John Deere or Polaris.

Factor in the 5 year warranty and it’s capability per dollar ratio is unmatched. No it doesn’t have plush suspension, premium sound systems or backcountry trail blazing performance. But that’s not what the CForce was engineered for. It’s purpose-built as an affordable workhorse. And it delivers exactly that.

CFMoto UForce 600 / CForce 600 Review

Rounding out CFMoto’s lineup are their newest mid-size entries – the UForce 600 recreational model and CForce 600 utility model. They bring many of the capabilities of the 1000 class models in more compact and affordable packages.

UForce 600 / CForce 600 Spec Overview

These new 2022 additions share the same foundation but differ in their configuration:

  • Engine – 580cc single cylinder with EFI, 40 HP
  • Transmission – CVT
  • Drive System – On-Demand True AWD
  • Bed Capacity – 300 lbs (UForce 600), 600 lbs (CForce 600)
  • Towing Capacity – 2000 lbs (Uforce 600), 1500 lbs (CForce 600)
  • Ground Clearance – 12 inches
  • Wheelbase – 85 inches
  • Wet Weight – 1300 lbs (Uforce 600), 1400 lbs (Cforce 600)
  • MSRP – $11,999 (UForce), $12,999 (CForce)

As you’d expect, the UForce 600 is geared more towards trail recreation while the CForce 600 prioritizes utility capability and strength. But they share the same engine and drivetrain foundations in common.

UForce 600 Overview And Features

With its smaller footprint and lighter weight, the UForce 600 targets beginner and intermediate recreational riders looking for an affordable trail machine:

  • 44 HP 580cc single cylinder provides ample power
  • Tuned long travel suspension for trail compliance
  • Dump bed with 300 lb capacity
  • 2500 lb winch for self recovery
  • 25 inch DOT Maxxis Bighorn tires
  • Steel front/rear bumpers and skid plate for protection
  • Roomy bench seats for 2-up exploring
  • Available in 2 seat and 4 seat configurations

It brings impressive recreation, exploration, and light utility capability in an affordable mid-size package. Families, youth riders, and anyone looking for a budget-friendly but capable UTV will find a lot to like about the UForce 600.

CForce 600 Overview And Features

Sharing the same engine and drivetrain, the CForce 600 adds upgraded utility features:

  • Heavy duty steel tube cargo rack around bed
  • 600 lb tipping load utility dump bed
  • 1000 lb towing capacity with standard 2 inch receiver
  • 25 inch CARLISLE Extra Trac utility tires
  • Steel front/rear bumpers with hitch receiver
  • Up to 3000 lb winch capacity
  • Available in 2 and 4 seat configurations

The CForce 600 downplays trail performance to emphasize payload, towing, and work capability on a budget. It’s very attractively priced for a mid-size utility side by side.

UForce 600 / CForce 600 Shared Pros

These new models have many strengths in common:

  • Strong value pricing – Both offer outstanding capability per dollar in the under $13K range. That’s thousands less than larger 1000 class models.
  • Fuel efficient – The single cylinder 580cc engine sips gas while providing adequate power for recreational and utility use.
  • Compact footprint – With a wheelbase under 85 inches and narrower chassis, they maneuver well in tight conditions compared to wider models.
  • 2 year warranty – CFMoto provides a 2 year limited warranty for additional peace of mind.
  • True AWD system – The On-Demand AWD transfers torque automatically to maximize traction at both axles when needed.
  • Easy to accessorize – CFMoto offers windshields, roofs, doors, bumpers, winches, and more to customize it.

For mid-size utility or budget-focused trail riding, both the UForce 600 and CForce 600 hit a sweet spot of affordability, customization, and capability. They cost far less than full size 1000 class UTVs without sacrificing core performance.

UForce 600 / CForce 600 Cons

The tradeoffs of the smaller 600 class models include:

  • Less overall capability than 1000 class models with bigger engines and larger chassis. But still sufficient for most recreational and light utility use.
  • Basic standard features compared to high end models. You pay extra for additions like power steering, premium audio, and aluminum wheels.
  • Rougher ride quality than premium side by sides, which can become uncomfortable over long distances. It’s built for capability not compliance.
  • Unknown long-term durability since both models are newly released for 2022/2023. Time will tell how they hold up over years of use.

Keep reasonable expectations around overall capability, features, and long term durability on these new CFMoto entries. But they deliver impressive performance and value right out of the gate.

UForce 600 / CForce 600 Performance

While they don’t match the 1000 class models, the 580cc single cylinder provides sufficient power:

  • Horsepower is rated at 40 HP which provides peppy acceleration for recreational trail riding or utility use.
  • Both models have a top speed electronically limited to 50 MPH from the factory for safety. This can be adjusted up to 70 MPH.
  • The single cylinder focuses more on low end torque than horsepower. Great for towing and hauling utility loads at slower speeds.
  • On-Demand AWD provides excellent traction off-road especially in low traction conditions like mud or over wet grass.
  • Standard engine braking gives good control on downhill trails.
  • Larger diameter disc brakes provide ample stopping power for the speeds these models reach.

You’ll sacrifice some acceleration and power compared to big brawny V-twins. But the 580cc engine offers plenty of grunt and torque for most buyers in this segment.

UForce 600 / CForce 600 Price

Without a doubt, the mid-size 600 class offerings deliver unmatched value:

  • The base model UForce 600 starts at just $9,399 MSRP. With 2 seats and basic equipment.
  • To upgrade to the 4 seat model with a few more features, expect to pay around $13,499 MSRP.
  • The base CForce 600 has an MSRP of $12,999.
  • Most dealers sell these new models for $1000 to $2000 below MSRP.
  • Used models are not widely available yet since they are recently released.

Pricing undercuts all competition like the Honda Pioneer 520, Polaris 570, Can-Am HD10 and many others. Yet you still get plentiful capabilities and the ability to outfit them further. It’s a budget-friendly way to get into a new side by side without breaking the bank.

What Owners Are Saying

As new model releases, here are some initial thoughts from owners:

  • “Was debating getting a used Teryx for my teenager but this CForce 600 costs less brand new! Much better value.”
  • “Power and speed are a little underwhelming coming from a RZR 1000 but honestly fine for exploring the ranch and trails at our pace.”
  • “It’s basic but very capable given the price I paid. Overall fit and finish is on par with Honda for thousands less.”
  • “The UForce 600 is perfect for me as an intermediate trail rider that didn’t need a huge machine. Handles single track well and customizable for how I use it.”

Early feedback indicates they deliver impressive capabilities considering their compact size and basement pricing. Naturally, you sacrifice some power and features versus premium and larger models. But value shoppers are flocking to them.

Common Issues

As newly released models, it’s too early to identify any definitive flaws or widespread issues. But here are a couple of items reported by initial owners:

  • Short brake life – Front and rear brake pads seem to wear quickly with aggressive use. Higher quality aftermarket pads recommended.
  • CVT belt failures – There are isolated reports of the CVT belt slipping or failing prematurely. Seems limited to early production models.
  • Fuel pump failures – A handful of owners have had fuel pump failure causing hard starting or stalling issues. Replacement restores normal operation.

So far, reliability feedback has been positive overall outside these couple problem areas on early units. Time will tell how durable they are in the coming years with more owners and real-world use.

Are The CFMoto 600 Class Models Worth Buying?

If you need serious working capability or high-speed performance, these may not be the right fit. But it’s undeniable that both the recreational-focused UForce 600 and utility-tuned CForce 600 deliver unmatched value and capability at their price points.

Where they truly shine is offering mid-size power, capacity, and features at entry-level pricing. Nothing else touches them in terms of value per dollar spent. They cost thousands less than the competition while packing in impressive capability into their compact frames.

For beginner and intermediate side by side enthusiasts not needing massive power or size, the 600 class CFMoto offerings hit a sweet spot. Affordability, quality, customization, and performance make them stand out as fantastic values. They’re worthy entrants to consider in the mid-size utility and recreational segments.


CFMoto continues to expand and refine their side by side lineup to compete with established brands. They offer a compelling range of recreational, sport, and utility focused models spanning from their value 600 class mid-size entries to potent 110 HP V-twin 1000 class beasts.

The UForce 1000 leads the way with plush suspension, abundant power, comfort, and customization that competes closely with premium Polaris RZR models for thousands less. It’s the most popular CFMoto for a reason.

They will appreciate the ZForce 1000 and its supercar levels of speed, acceleration, suspension travel, and thrills for UTVs. It leaves utility in the dust in favor of full throttle recreation.

They find their match with the CForce 1000. It provides incredible capability and brawny V-twin power at working man pricing.

While entry-level, the new UForce 600 and CForce 600 deliver outright unbeatable value in compact, budget-friendly packages without sacrificing core side by side capabilities.

Across the board CFMoto focuses on delivering performance, quality, and long term value at very competitive price points. Their 5 year warranty coverage provides peace of mind while aggressive pricing undercuts competitors by thousands.

If you’re searching for a hard working or playful new side by side that won’t break the bank, CFMoto has you covered with one of the best values on the market. Take a closer look at their lineup to see which model best fits your needs and budget.

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